Fall Rates

Fall RatesWalkingRiding
18 Holes $26$38
9 Holes$13$25
Fall Sunset Rates - After 3:30 p.m - All you can golf!$13$25
No coupons, Golf Cards, or buy one get one’s will be allowed with the Fall Rates.


Regular Rates

Regular RatesWalkingRiding
18 Holes $33$37
9 Holes$22$23
Senior/Junior Rates*
18 Holes$22$34
9 Holes $16$26
Sunrise Rates**
18 Holes $26$38
9 Holes $15$27
Twilight Rates**~
18 Holes$26$38
Cart Fees9 Holes18 Holes
Regular $12$16
Trail Fees $11$16
Pull Cart $7$7
Club Rentals
Full Set $11
Driving Range
Small Bucket $6
Large Bucket$8


♦Sunday Parent / Child Program

This program is designed for kids 13 years of age and younger. This is a great program for parents that want to introduce golf to their sons or daughters. With a paid adult, the first child plays free. The second child of the same age group pays $5. No discounts allowed with this offer. Reservations are required and you must indicate that you are reserving a tee time for the Parent/Child program. Tee times for this program start at 3p.m. on Sundays only.

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