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A membership in the Emerald Greens Men’s Club is open to all men interested in playing golf on a competitive level or just for the social aspects of playing with friends.  Your $80 paid membership entitles you to the following advantages:

  • The opportunity to play in golf tournaments held by the Men’s Club, including the Men’s Club Championship.
    • To play in the Men’s Club Championship or Senior Championship (2 day event) you must be a Men’s Club member in good standing. For Men’s Club members who do not play on a league, your Men’s Club membership of $80 must be paid by June 1st for you to be eligible to play in the Club Championship or Senior Championship.
  • May sign-up to play in the 9 Hole and/or 18 Hole Leagues.
  • A 20% discount in the Emerald Greens pro-shop.
  • A paid one-year subscription to Minnesota Golfer magazine.
  • Your USGA handicap paid for one year.
  • Emerald Greens Men’s Club is a member of the Minnesota Public Golf Association (MPGA).
  • All Men’s Club members are entitled to play in MPGA events.
  • The chance to play for the Emerald Greens Men’s Club 12-man team, or 8-man senior team (MPGA Events).
  • The Emerald Greens Men’s Club is a non-profit organization. Dues collected are returned to members in the form of on-course events or prizes at the end-of season banquet.
  • Emerald Greens Men’s Club annual fee is $80



*Players pay weekday green fees

Saturday, April 25th                       Straight up, net/stroke – 10AM Start

Saturday, May 16th                        Two-Man Best Ball – 8AM Start

Saturday, June 27th                        27 Hole Combo; Two Man Teams – 7AM Shotgun start

Saurday, July 18th                             Four-Man Scramble – 7AM Shotgun start

Sat. /Sun., August. 8/9                     Club Championship & Senior Club Championship–8AM Start

Saturday, Sept. 5th                          Red, White and Blue – 9AM Start

Sunday, Sept. 27th                        Season End Banquet and Golf (Shotgun Start at 12PM)


There are two Men’s Club leagues, a 9-Hole league (Wednesdays) and an 18-Hole league (Thursdays). Each league is made up of teams of 2 or more players.  If your team has more than 2 players, only 2 of the team members would play in any given week.  For example, you may have a 3 man team but any one of the team members would sit out each week.  A team of more than 2 members offers flexibility if a team member is on vacation, out of town, sick or injured, etc.  For a 3 man team, the team cost would be split 3 ways instead of 2, which lowers each team member’s cost.

  • The 9-Hole League begins Wednesday, April 29th and continues for 18 weeks. The 9-Hole League consists of 3 divisions– 12 two man teams per division. The format is USGA individual match play. Scoring takes handicaps into account to determine the winner of each individual match. The division leaders will play in a play-off at the end of the season.
    • Total team cost for the 9-Hole League is $759.00
  • The 18-Hole League begins Thursday, April 30th and continues for 18 weeks. The 18-Hole League consists of a maximum of 16 two man teams. As in the 9 hole league, a team may consist of more than two members, but only 2 play each week. The league format is handicapped USGA Better Ball / Match Play each week.
    • Total team cost for the 18-Hole League is $1,335.00

Each participant must complete a league application and be accepted into the 2020 Emerald Greens Men’s Club.

Acceptance of your application and fee does not guarantee you a spot in the league. Placement will be on a first come, first served basis with returning teams given priority. An effort will be made to place everyone in the league. Notification of application status will occur no later than April 15, 2020. If you are not placed in the league all fees will be returned.

There is only one Men’s Club meeting which will be held at the clubhouse on Wednesday, April 15th at 7 PM.

The meeting will be to take team applications and fees, and to discuss league rules. If you are new to the league this year and have an existing GHIN number, you must include it on your application form.  If you do not have a GHIN number, one will be created for you.

All Member’s dues and Team Fees are required to be paid in full at or by the April 15th meeting. There is a strictly enforced, “no pay-no play” rule for both leagues.


League Schedules and rules will be emailed out one week prior to the League start date.